Grow your own herbal remedies

WORDS Linda Brennan.

Are you feeling a bit under the weather with winter ills causing coughs, headache or congestion? It’s fairly common to be beset by a string of winter viruses, especially if you have children, work in air-conditioning or if you travel by public transport. (That seems to cover almost all of us!) Read the rest of this entry »

The technology of farming

WORDS Linda Moon

Technology is changing the face of farming and Australian researchers are at the forefront of farm robot intelligence worldwide. By gathering on-farm data for crop and livestock monitoring, they’re working to reduce risk, increase yields and support small farmers by taking over repetitive manual tasks. Read the rest of this entry »

Oyster shortage

Seafood experts are predicting a shortage of oysters in 2017. An outbreak of Pacific Oyster Mortality Syndrome in Tasmania has hit the Australian oyster industry hard Read the rest of this entry »